Changes to SADC PF Constitution and Rules of Procedure

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TThe 43rd Plenary Assembly Session of the SADC Parliamentary Forum has unanimously adopted a motion to amend the SADC Parliamentary Forum Constitution and the SADC Parliamentary Forum Rules of Procedure.

Botswana MP Honourable Duma Boko moved the motion calling for the amendments.

He explained the amendment sought to enable a much smoother operation of the SADC PF by ensuring that where certain Members are for some reason unable to attend, or they cease to be Members of their respective Parliaments, they can be replaced almost immediately, to enable the term of the affected Parliament to continue to its end.

Additionally, the motion sought to enable a situation in which those who are unable to attend Plenary business would be able to appoint proxies so that the business of SADC PF is not disrupted by the non attendance resulting in Standing Committees not having a quorum.

Zambian Member of Parliament,
Hon. Dr S. Musokotwane

Botswana MP Honourable Duma Boko

MP Honourable Duma Boko

The second part of the motion was to put in place a monitoring and evaluation mechanism at regional level for the adoption, adaption and implementation of Model Laws to ensure that when such Model Laws are passed, there can be some tracking with respect to how far respective parliaments are in incorporating them in their domestic legislative frameworks.

This is important, also, to enable tracking of the outcomes of the Model Laws so that when challenges are detected, appropriate support is rendered.

Zambian Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr. S. Musokotwane seconded the motion. He said the amendments would make it easier for the Forum to replace its President, Vice-President or Treasurer.

“Basically what it says is that since we follow principles of rotation, if for one reason or another, an MP who is sitting in office as President, Vice-President or Treasurer leaves the Forum, maybe because there was an election or they resigned, we do not need to go for another election. The country whose member was already performing those duties can be asked to submit a replacement to take over from there. This is what it does under Article 11(4) and Rule of Procedure number 10.

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